Zurbaran by Jeannine Baticle

By Jeannine Baticle

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During the 1860•. orro (1 83 1_1903) " ... he \ \ \::s. nd "ri,'''! ris in 1855. nd th .. ther w''I'C 1<10 oft{"Jl ignor,,1 in fl,,,,,, of. ion , Af...... hi. firS, "i,i. lr , which " ... tt, ,\ionc:' ... nd " ... inAu<~ced, like moS. nd C ourhe .. C o,m, ker "hice ttl him " ... :: lopm{"Jl~ Coro. p",duced rich tonal work th .. :teIrnowk,lg"! nd ",10," bon"w,,! ici,m . nd ""en innuenced Ce ... ts. F'om '''u<~' ligh •• nd ",nal , .. nd Pis ... nd b"""mc • ,~Iocd m,:n"lI' hanne and G'1uguin. c:tching , he " ...

A" 1881 Buy, jim camnu 1882 Mad. Dim:",r. P"''''y/,'anja AcatN"'y,,/fln< Artfand Pn/

D of 'hei r ,ime and C ourb", 's d""I"a,ion of ere .. ,- to Vim"", in aNKiation ;;:ilb "'t.? itk Ill, Elm"," of Sax(l/Y. At"". mb,r, aim MU,"'I dty cOiIrItil1or in 151? idr. Iff] Oi" in lI;'imar ". Sdf_Port r';t (<, religiou, ,ubj"'" 711, Rm '"' ,b, Fligb, iruo Egypt, in the "ric of the llinu hc St"'><~.

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