Yearbook of Pediatric Endocrinology 2009: Endorsed by the by Jean-Claude Carel, Ze'Ev Hochberg

By Jean-Claude Carel, Ze'Ev Hochberg

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To model the differentiation of thyroid epithelial cells, the authors examined embryoid bodies derived from undifferentiated murine embryonic stem cells treated with activin A to induce endoderm differentiation, the germ layer from which thyroid cells occur. Methods: Resulting endodermal cells were then further exposed to TSH and/or IGF-I for up to 21 days. Results: Oct-4 and REX1 expression, required to sustain stem cell self-renewal and pluripotency, were appropriately downregulated, whereas GATA-4, and ␣-fetoprotein, both endodermal-specific markers, increased as the embryonic stem cells were exposed to activin A.

This paper of the year in the thyroid chapter used the power of the Iceland genotyping project to unravel the common genetic variants that are associated with an increased risk for PTC and FTC. Compared to the common susceptibility variants recently discovered for complex diseases, thyroid cancer may not be as complex. ) were found to be associated with an increased risk. e. 7-fold greater in individuals with double homozygosity for the two predisposing SNP variants AA and TT. This result does not reach a clinical relevance as the finding of an activating mutation in the RET gene which renders the carrier at risk to develop MTC is 100%.

Results: Cytological examination of specimens diagnosed papillary carcinoma in 5 patients who underwent surgery. The cytological diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinoma was confirmed in all cases by histological examination. Notably, only 2 of these patients had palpable nodules; the other 3 were <1 cm and were detected only by ultrasound. However, histological examination showed nodal metastases in 2 of these. Background: Thyroid 29 Although ultrasound screening for thyroid cancer in the general population is not cost-effective and could lead to unnecessary surgery, due to false positives, they believe that in childhood cancer survivors who received radiotherapy involving the head, neck, or upper thorax, it would be worthwhile.

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