Using Animator by Craig Sharp

By Craig Sharp

Step by step educational to Autodesk Animator.

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Notice that the Titling panel contains the option New Text, which serves the same purpose as the Text slot in the Drawing Tools section of the Home panel. You also can see that a number of text manipulation options are available to the Production department. You will learn about Titling in Chapter 7. Again, right-click the drawing screen to return to the Home panel. The Filmmaking Department The last part of this book, "At the Movies," is about the Filmmaking depart­ ment. This department is the one that pulls everything together.

8 shows what you should see after making this selection. AUTODESK V. i COPVR IGHT Fig. 8. The About Animator dialog box. PROOUCEO EXCLLJSIVELV FttJTOOES K ev GR€1UP VOST INC: • FOR • INC. IE ] Right-click the drawing area to clear the display of the About Animator dia· log box. Many menu selections cause this type of dialog box to appear. To exit a pull-down menu without making a selection, move the cursor out of the menu. The menu disappears. Animator's menus contain three types of options, which are the following: 0 Options that cause an action to occur when selected.

Fig. 16. The Drawing Tools panel. Notice the vertical slider bar on the left of the panel and the six slots that contain the same drawing tools that are displayed on the Home panel. The help box in the upper right corner of the panel is displaying a description of the drawing tool that is currently highlighted. 9. Select Box from the upper right drawing tool slot. Notice that the description has changed and that Box is now highlighted. 10. Right-dick the drawing screen to return to the Home panel.

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