There’s a Gulag in Your Future by Eustace Mullins

By Eustace Mullins

50% of U.S. Prisoners do not belong there. a person can turn out in a single at any time. there is cash in BOP. 5-1/2" X 8-1/2". Staple again pamphlet. click "CPA BOOKS" then "PRODUCTS tab to view extra books we need to provide.

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If the categories came later to seem trite or 24 Quest for an American Sociology empty, that may be due to the passing of the generations for whom Park’s experience and double vision were immediate reality, the domination of sociology by a wholly ‘ urbanized’ consciousness in which classic social theory no longer resonated. Dewey’s and Park’s desire to validate intellect and abstract thought by ‘proving’ its relevance to ‘ practical’ daily life was also far from unique. The utilitarian concept of education had become the principal justification of the great expansion in university size and scope which culmi­ nated, even as Dewey wrote, in the foundation of Stanford and the University of Chicago.

37 Thus, at its origin, sociology was given a theoretical center which rested on a fear of historical processes dissolving the bonds of stability — libertarian ideology, commerce and industry, the aggregation of strangers in cities. The significance, and often the hidden bias, of a scholarly endeavor is best revealed by discovering what it considers problematic and worthy of study, and what it takes for granted. The fathers of sociology bequeathed a two-fold heritage. First, a concern that order was being undermined, and therefore, that science must strive to isolate and describe the conditions of stability.

98 Rather than doctrinal socialism, Dewey’ s position was a lament for, and an effort to restore the values of, the natural sense of belonging and responsibility engendered in a face-to-face commun­ ity. If the direct communication among men o f different status and occupa­ tion that he thought had characterized the communal order could be re­ established in a large-scale society, then the old sense of moral obligation resting on personal knowledge would also be restored. 99 Dewey was encouraged to make his ethical concern more concrete, and to apply it in a scheme designed to remedy the lack of knowledge in modern society, by his meeting with the colorful but obscure brothers, Franklin and Corydon Ford.

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