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But vD1 ¼ vab À V1 ; therefore, vD 0 and so iD1  0, regardless of conditions in the right-hand loop. It follows that iD2 ¼ iS . 2, we assume D2 is forward-biased and replace it with a short circuit. By KVL, iD2 ¼ VS À V2 5 À 3 ¼ 4 mA ¼ 500 500 Since iD2 ! 0, D2 is in fact forward-biased and the analysis is valid. 6 The logic OR gate can be utilized to fabricate composite waveforms. Sketch the output vo of the gate of Fig. 2-25(a) if the three signals of Fig. 2-25(b) are impressed on the input terminals.

15 The circuit of Fig. 2-32 adds a dc level (a bias voltage) to a signal whose average value is zero. If vS is a 10-V square wave of period T, RL ¼ R1 ¼ 10 , and the diode is ideal, find the average value of vL . R1 D + + iD LS RL _ LL _ Fig. 2-32 For vL > 0, D is forward-biased and vL ¼ vS ¼ 10 V. RL 10 ðÀ10Þ ¼ À5 V v ¼ RL þ R1 S 10 þ 10 10ðT=2Þ þ ðÀ5ÞðT=2Þ ¼ ¼ 2:5 V T vL ¼ Thus, VL0 For vL < 0, D is reverse-biased and CHAP. 2] 57 SEMICONDUCTOR DIODES For some symmetrical input signals, this type of circuit could destroy the symmetry of the input.

T where k is an integer. t þ Þ. tÞ 0 After the integration is performed and its limits evaluated, the result is P0 ¼ V m Im V I cos  ¼ pmffiffiffi pmffiffiffi cos  ¼ VI cos  2 2 2 CHAP. 23 Prove that the capacitor element of Fig. 1-1(c) is a linear element by showing that it satisfies the converse of the superposition theorem. 24 Use the superposition theorem to find the current i in Fig. 1-14 if R1 ¼ 5 ; R2 ¼ 10 ; Vs ¼ 10 cos 2t V, and Is ¼ 3 cosð3t þ =4Þ A. 25 In Fig. 1-23, (a) find the The´venin equivalent voltage and impedance for the network to the left of terminals a; b, and (b) use the The´venin equivalent circuit to determine the current IL .

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