The World of Turner 1775-1851 by Diana Hirsh

By Diana Hirsh

Time-Life Books, 1969 - 192 pages
This booklet is set the works of J. M. W. Turner.

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Of more importance young painter the in him Turner's art, the contact with Beckford gave his first look at the works of Claude, and planted to French master. The paintings that a lifelong admiration for the Turner were two landscapes that came so impressed hands after an intriguing sequence of adventures. Rome had bought them from into Beckford's Two Englishmen nobleman, Prince a blind Italian to Naples, in Altieri, them by and. a step ahead of Napoleon's invading troops, had carried wagon vari- by boat to Palermo, and thence, with a personal letter of safe conduct from Admiral Nelson, to Gibraltar.

Dover had to wait off Calais in went ashore in a jettv. choppy hen the packet would show the see- glimpse of hen the packet from he and a few daring spirits seas, The escapade onlv docked. Turner was there finallv The next year's and the it Academy exhibition result: the brilliant Calais Pier (pages 66-67). a loner. Turner welcomed companv on his Continental ven- main objective besides the Louvre was the Alps, which had ture. His lured him ever since he had copied and set them from John Robert Cozens" wa- and some fellow travelers pooled funds, bought tercolors.

Another Monro patient was John Robert Cozen-, then in his final demented the doctor's liking, for lentlessly pursuing state. The Cozens case was probably most to when he was not pursuing his practice he was art. Such was his addiction that he built into the roof of his carriage to hold drawings, so that re- had a netting they would al- ways be handy London, Dr. Monro In complex of houses down laced lived at Adelphi Terrace, a large, exclusive detested its architecture; it reminded him of who spent many winter evenings at Mon- Dr.

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