The TeXbook by Donald E. Knuth

By Donald E. Knuth

This can be the definitive and entire consumer guide to the TeX automated typesetting method. TeX software program deals either writers and publishers the chance to supply technical textual content, with the rate and potency of a working laptop or computer method.

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Type ·s'. TEX will proceed without pausing for instructions if further errors arise. Subsequent error messages will flash by on your terminal, possibly faster than you can read them, and they will appear in your log file where you can scrutinize them at your leisure. Thus, ·s' is sort of like typing {return) to every message. 3. Type ·R'. This is like ·s' but even stronger, since it tells TEX not to stop for any reason, not even if a file name can't be found. 4. Type ·Q'. This is like ·K but even more so, since it tells TEX not only to proceed without stopping but also to suppress all further output to your terminal.

Yet it discovers no hyphen in ·galaxy', and every once in a while an overfull box problem can be cured simply by giving TEX a hint about how to hyphenate some word more completely. ) In the present example, h:n)hcnation is not a problem, since TEX found and tried all the hyphens that could possibly have helped. , to allow wider spaces between words. Indeed, the tolerance that plain TEX uses for wide lines is completely inappropriate for 2-inch columns: such narrow columns simply can't be achieved without loosening the constraints, unless you rewrite the copy to fit.

The machine will t:n)c another asterisk at you. ' and wait for another asterisk. Finally type ·\end', and stand back to sec what happens. TEX should respond with · [1]' (meaning that it has finished page 1 of your output): then the program will halt, probably with some indication that it has created a file called ·texput. dvi'. (TEX uses the name texput for its output when you haven't specified any better name in your first line of input: and dvi stands for :'device independent/' since texput.

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