The prospect of immortality by R. C. W Ettinger

By R. C. W Ettinger

Within the Nineteen Sixties Robert Ettinger based the cryonics (cryonic hibernation) circulate and authored the possibility OF IMMORTALITY. (And within the Nineteen Seventies Ettinger may aid begin the transhumanist revolution along with his guy INTO SUPERMAN.) Ettinger sees "discontinuity in background, with mortality and humanity on one aspect -- at the different immortality and transhumanity." [[P:]] This 2005 variation (ISBN 0-9743472-3-X) includes an actual reproduction replica of the whole first variation of Ettinger's 1964 cultural vintage, the possibility OF IMMORTALITY. (The Cultural Classics sequence by means of Ria college Press is edited via Charles Tandy, Ph.D.) extra (2005) fabrics comprise reviews by means of others -- "Developments In Cryonics 1964-2005" -- written in particular for this twenty first century version: (1) "The nation of Cryonics -- 2005" (By Jim Yount); and, (2) "A short heritage of Cryonics" (By R. Michael Perry). a brand new (2005) advent via Charles Tandy is entitled "Ettinger's 1964 Thesis: Indefinitely prolonged And superior existence (Immortality) is maybe Already the following through Experimental long term Suspended Animation" [[P:]] James Bedford begun his trip as "the first cryonaut" on January 12, 1967; as of 2005, he and so on stay in cryonic hibernation. based on Ettinger, cryonic hibernation (experimental long term suspended animation) of people may supply a "door into summer season" not like any season formerly recognized. Such sufferers (individuals and households in cryonic hibernation) may perhaps but adventure the transhuman situation. Ettinger argues for his trust in "the danger of unlimited existence for our generation." we must always observe the inaccurate, distorted, and oversimplified principles offered within the well known media approximately cryonics. He believes that the cool common sense and medical proof he provides should still lead us to put out of your mind the horror video clips and concrete legends and include nice expectancies.

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The Limits of Delay in Treatment If you have a dying relative, you can probably give him his best chance by obtaining skilled medical help, planned in advance, to prepare, perfuse, and freeze the body. If this kind of help is not available, and you nevertheless want to give him some chance, more desperate measures are required. In any case, it is important to know how soon after death treatment must be started, and this question will now be considered. Many laymen, and even many physicians, have the impression that the body must be frozen within a few minutes after clinical death in order to have a chance of revival.

Org Robert C. W. Ettinger__________The Prospect Of Immortality Examining the data, we find there may indeed be a problem, but not one too formidable. (The pertinent information can be found, for example, in The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, U. S. ) The unit usually used to measure dosage of radiation is the "rem" (roentgen equivalent, mammal, or man); we do not need its technical definition, but may note that an acute dose of 100 rems or less is unlikely to produce noticeable illness, a dose of 600 rems results in severe radiation sickness requiring hospitalization and the most competent care, and a dose of 1000 rems or more is almost certainly fatal with the present resources of medicine.

Lee B. Lusted (professor of biochemical engineering, University of Rochester) thinks that within fifty years it will be possible to replace nearly all of the body organs by compact artificial organs with built-in electronic control system -- including, for example, the heart, kidneys, stomach, and even the liver. (64) (Imagine an artificial stomach, which would tolerate unlimited insult in the way of greasy and spicy foods, and never dream of growing an ulcer! Imagine a gin-resistant liver! ) Artificial limbs are less important than vital organs, but tremendously advanced arms and legs will be available from the shop if needed.

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