The Peasantry of Eastern Europe. 20th Century Developments by Ivan Volgyes

By Ivan Volgyes

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14. (24)Rocznik Demograficzny—1975 [Demographic YearOffice, 1975), p. 82. ," p. 42. (26)Rocznik Demograficzny—1975, p. 123; A. Maryanski, Problemy ludnosciowe krajow socjalistycznych [Demographic Problems îrî the Socialist CountriesJ (Warsaw: PWE, 1974), p. 40. (27)Concise Statistical Yearbook of Poland (Warsaw: Central Statistical Office, 1975), pp. 144, 146-147. , p. 158. A ~ Land Reform in Yugoslavia: Two Models George Klein Patricia V. Klein THE POLITICS OF TWO LAND REFORMS The land reform movements undertaken in the aftermath of the First and Second World Wars in Yugoslavia have been the subject of many learned analyses.

They are scheduled to be next on the list of socialization. In some cases the State has already begun to purchase their small plots by paying them the equivalent of the land value in State bonds, which can be used for the purchase of a building lot or a house in the city, or offering them the opportunity to join the producers' cooperatives if the latter form of socialized enterprise happens to exist in the locality. 6% or 3,400,000 holdings as of 1970),(22) the problem of reconversion into a new system of economy would require much time and money.

12)Dz. L v April 21, 22; June 20, 21, 22; October 26, 1971; Dziennik Ustaw [Journal of Laws], Warsaw, November 4, 1971. (13)Article 15, para. 3 and 4 of the recently (1976) amended Constitution. (l4)Rocznik Statystyczny [Statistical Yearbook] (Warsaw: Central Statistical Office, 1975), p. 279, Table 80 (404), computations by Miroslaw Pietrewicz in "Proba oceny sprawnosci gospodarowania w rolnictwie" [Attempted Evaluation of the Economic Efficiency in Agriculture], W. W. (July 1976), p. 67. (15)E.

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