The New Science of Organizations- A reconceptualization of by Alberto Guerreiro Ramos

By Alberto Guerreiro Ramos

This is often the "New technology of firms" by way of Alberto Guerreiro Ramos, collage of Toropnto Press

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The next two chapters will focus upon two outcomes resulting from the captivity of standard administrative scholarship, namely, misplacement of concepts and cognitive politics. sense of its specific assignment. are in gene~al positive and even necessary to creativity, it is time for a senous appraisal of the state of the field, lest it become a mere hodgepodge of theoretical ramblings, lacking both force and direction. Any discipline must have a modicum of intolerance in its transactions with other disciplines, otherwise it will lose its reason to exist.

For after all, there is a flux of circumstance, and freshness of being evaporates under mere repetition. The character of existent reality is composed of organisms enduring through the flux of things. essence Whitehead elucidates that apart from being, passing is inconceivable. ne might ask what in modern history engendered the widespread feeling. of the permanent transitoriness of all things, so well articulated by Montaig~e'. A part of the. aractenstic of modern science since the seventeenth century.

The point is that such 'departure' leads to ludicrous outcomes. This is particularly evident in Robert Blauner's book Alienation and Freedom. Blauner claims to draw upon Marx's theory of alienation. However, in spite of his interesting empirical findings about labor settings in several sectors of American industry, Blauner's research is conceptually precarious, even on Marxian grounds, because the context in which he intends to assess alienation is uncongenial to the global societal context which Marx had in mind.

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