The new science of axiological psychology by Leon Pomeroy, Rem B. Edwards

By Leon Pomeroy, Rem B. Edwards

This e-book makes use of clinical validity measures to create empirical worth technological know-how and a normative new technological know-how of axiological psychology via integrating cognitive psychology with Robert S. Hartman’s formal idea of axiological technology. It finds a systematic technique to determine and rank human values, reaching values appreciation, values rationalization, and values size for the 21st century.

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A Zeitgeist or cultural climate of self-reliance is an important antidote to anger and its products such as terrorism. Making a virtue of selfreliance discourages clinical as well as pseudocultural anger. Culturally anchored stoicism in the face of an imperfect world is an antidote to anger and terrorism. As a psychologist and a witness to the world around us, the emotion of anger holds special interest for me. More than I care to, I am compelled to deal with this emotion in others and in myself.

Its value orientation turns our value world upside down: death is life, life is death, suicide is identity, terrorism is escape from alienation. Death by terrorism affirms their efficacy, selfhood, and existence, which are otherwise in question; but their existential calculus of martyrdom is psycho-logic, never real logic. Concepts of “sick states or societies,” “sick cultures,” and “sick civilizations” focus on the mental health of collectives. We have long possessed a clinical psychology of individuals, but we have failed to develop a clinical psychology of collectives.

I sought a better understanding of how to motivate patients to work on themselves once they understood how to make rational health choices. I especially sought ways to motivate patients in my private practice as well as in crisis medicine management. Why do patients not take better care of themselves? Why do they not complete psychological homework given to them? Do they have a deficient will to live? I finally concluded that no one is an island unto himself or herself, and that group therapy, including group support, are powerful motivators.

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