The Ethics and Efficacy of the Global War on Terrorism: by Charles P. Webel, John A. Arnaldi (eds.)

By Charles P. Webel, John A. Arnaldi (eds.)

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It relies to a greater extent for financing and personnel on preexisting petty criminal networks because large-scale financing is easily tracked (the 9/11 attacks cost some $400,000 followed by the 2002 Bali and 2004 bombings at about $50,000 each, with all others considerably less). The Saudi Ministry of Interior conducted a study of 639 detainees through 2004. Nearly two-thirds of those in the sample say they joined jihad through friends and about a quarter through family. A closer look at other terrorist groups reveals strikingly similar patterns of selfradicalization based on almost chance encounters within preexisting local circles of friends and kin.

Third, if an act of terror occurs, deal with it as a criminal act: identify and apprehend the suspects and carry out an honest judicial process. That actually works. In contrast, the techniques that are employed enhance the threat of terror. The evidence is fairly strong, and falls together with much else. This is not the only case where the approaches that might well reduce a serious threat are systematically avoided, and those that are unlikely to do so are adopted instead. One such case is the so-called war on drugs.

According to the imam, Muhsein Qawasmeh was the smartest and best of the 2003 team and he inspired the others. I received much the same message from Fawzi Qawasmeh, father of one of the young men who went on the mission with Muhsein. Hazem Qawasmeh, who went on the mission with Muhsein, stated Who Be c om e s a Te r r or i s t Today ? ” At the house where Muhsein’s family now lives, I found his mother and brother commiserating with Herbawi’s uncle. Muhsein’s mother said her son had been an exemplary student but left school after the Intifada broke out and focused on soccer and religion.

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