The design of APL by Falkoff A.

By Falkoff A.

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2). Inserting a horizontal rule with the

tag also causes a line break, even if you don't include a
tag along with it. For a little extra blank space above or below a horizontal rule, you can put a

tag before the

tag and a

tag after it, effectively placing the horizontal rule within its own paragraph. Part I: Your First Web Page 47 48 Part I: Your First Web Page Like
, the

horizontal rule tag is an empty tag and therefore never gets a closing


View full size image] 32 Part I: Your First Web Page Part I: Your First Web Page 33 You could use any graphics program you like to modify or replace these images at any time, even the simple Paint program that comes standard with all versions of Windows. Changing the graphics can make a big difference in how the page looks, even if you don't make any changes to the HTML text file. You can also use the same image on any number of pages while storing only one copy of the graphics file. " Did you Know?.

Regardless of how you go about viewing the source for existing web pages, keep in mind that many commercial web pages use complex HTML code that can be difficult to read and understand. So don't get discouraged if you view the source of a popular web site and the code is more complex than you had imagined. 1 was deliberately designed with very little formatting so that the code would be less cluttered. HTML is obviously capable of much more, and I thought it was worth demonstrating how the application of a little formatting can dramatically affect the appearance of a web page.

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