The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats by G. William Domhoff

By G. William Domhoff

The Bohemian Grove and different retreats: A examine in ruling-class cohesiveness by way of G. William Domhoff.

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They are insurance salesmen, architects, small businessmen, publishing representatives, advertising directors, and stock brokers, happy to have a social setting within which to exercise their talents on a part-time basis. Professional Members The bylaws of the Bohemian Club ensure that at least one hundred of the members of the club shall be professional members. These are people "connected professionally" with literature, art, music, or drama. " It also includes many people who have graduated from associate membership because they now can afford regular dues or because they wish to take a less-active role in plays and other productions.

Kennedy, Secretary of the Treasury; Walter A. Marting, president of Hanna Mining Company; John G. McLean, president of Continental Oil Company; Andrew G. C. Sage, a general partner in the investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers; and Dorrance 15. Gary Wills, Nixon Agonistes (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1970), p. 256. 42 Sexton, chairman of Johnson and Higgins, general insurance brokers in New York. People often ask about the degree of "cohesiveness" and "intimacy" within the higher circles of American business and government.

Skeet shooting, swimming, art exhibitions—there is plenty to see and do in the Bohemian Grove even when a big production is not being staged. It is truly a place of many delights. But, despite all these attractions, it remains most of all a place to rest and relax in the company of friends. Jumping the River Alert readers may have noticed that one pleasure is missing for these hundreds of men in search of a good time. That pleasure is female companionship. For a certain minority of Bohemians—reliable estimates put the figure well below 10 percent—such companionship is a necessity of life they cannot be without.

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