The Beanstalk and Beyond: Developing Critical Thinking by Joan Wolf

By Joan Wolf

Use well known fairy stories and fairy-tale characters as springboards for studying, and aid scholars strengthen problem-solving talents and creative-writing abilities. Adaptable to nearly any fairy story and to quite a few studying environments and degrees, those actions will problem scholars to maneuver past the simplistic research of stories to improve in-depth writing abilities.

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11. Wha t might have happened if Jack's mother had climbed the beanstalk instead of him? Say the Magic Words and... / 19 Say the JVIagic (flords and • • • (fairy Cales and 6ncbantment) How Lon g It Will Take: 30 minute s What You Will Need: Set o f "Enchantmen t Cards " (se e p . 20 ) fo r e a c h grou p o f three t o fou r student s What Student s Learn: Imaginative proble m solving , impromptu performance , creative thinkin g She close d he r eyes , tapped he r re d heel s togethe r thre e times , and sai d quietly , "There's no place lik e home.

R . R . Hood , caught Pete r Pa n i n the act . A s sh e rounded th e corne r o f th e school , ther e stoo d th e youn g studen t vigorousl y spra y painting "CINDERELL A WEARS ARMY BOOTS!! ,/ i n bright gree n o n the sid e o f th e building . Apparently, h e h a d bee n dare d b y thre e chicke n littl e pig s who di d no t w a n t t o d o th e d e e d themselves . Al l four wer e rounde d u p a n d brough t t o th e principal' s office , wher e they trie d desperatel y t o plea d thei r cas e base d o n thei r constitutiona l righ t t o fre e speech.

29 fair? Cale Crivia fair? Cale Crivia 7. Wha t are the names of the seven dwarve s (accord ing to Disney) ? 10. I n the original version of The Little Mermaid, wha t hap pens to the Little Mermaid? fair? Cale Crivia fair? Cale Crivia 8. Wh o is the autho r o f The Wizard of OzT> fair? Cale Crivia 9. How did the autho r o f The Wizard of Oz come u p with the nam e Oz ? 11. Wh o is the autho r o f The Little Mermaid? fair? Cale Crivia 12. I n th e Sno w Whit e stor y from G e r m a n y , Sno w White ha s a sister .

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