Text Encoding Initiative: Background and Context by Jean Veronis, Nancy Ide, Jean Véronis

By Jean Veronis, Nancy Ide, Jean Véronis

Charles F. Goldfarb Saratoga. California If requested for a convinced recipe for chaos i might suggest a i'm thrilled that my invention, the normal venture during which a number of thousand impassioned unique­ Generalized Markup Language, used to be capable of play a ists in ratings of disciplines from a dozen or extra position within the TEl's fantastic accomplishment, particu­ international locations will be given 5 years to supply a few larly simply because just about all of the unique purposes 1300 pages of directions for representing the informa­ of SGML have been within the advertisement and technological tion versions in their specialties in a rigorous, desktop­ geographical regions. it really is average, after all, that organiza­ verifiable notation. truly, it might be sociologically tions with monstrous fiscal investments in new and and technologically very unlikely for this kind of workforce even altering info should still wish some great benefits of infor­ to agree at the subject material of such directions, enable mation asset maintenance and reuse that SGML bargains. by myself the coding information. yet simply as in actual fact because the it really is pleasing that the TEl, representing the guardians bumblebee flies regardless of the legislation of aerodynamics, the of humanity's oldest and such a lot really important informa­ textual content Encoding Initiative has really succeeded in such tion, selected SGML for those self same merits. an attempt. The vaunted "information superhighway" could The TEl directions are extraordinary.

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Since these may conveniently be tagged

, etc. The title page, however, is given a tag of its own «titlePage», and a number of specialized elements are defined for it, to make it easier to extract salient information like the title and author of the document in question. 3 Groups Textual divisions pose no problems in many conventional texts. In some cases, however, it is impossible to find a satisfactory method of handling the internal structure of a text, using only the elements , , and


If no value is given, that of the element's direct parent is inherited. ) The value of this element identifies a special purpose element which documents the language in use, optionally associating it with an external entity in which a formal writing system declaration may be given. The lEI writing system declaration (WSD) attempts to help encoders come to terms with a world in which, for one reason or another, documents may not always use the same universal character set, whether from ignorance, perversity, or the sheer impossibility of finding one large enough to represent all the glyphs they contain.

Front>. . and . 1 Text body and text divisions While different text types exhibit a bewildering variety of names for their component parts (chapters. sections. subsections. acts. scenes. entries. parts. books. cantos. adventures. staves. fittes. etc. - to mention only English-language terms). nevertheless the components and subcomponents of text typically behave in the same way whatever their name: typically each such is incomplete in itself. and typically smaller ones nest within larger ones.

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