Summer Express (between grades 7 & 8) by Scholastic, Frankie Long, Leland Graham

By Scholastic, Frankie Long, Leland Graham

Provide your baby a head begin in class! summer season exhibit contains a hundred fun-filled task pages—arranged in a revolutionary, 10-week format—that toughen talents whereas getting ready 7th graders for 8th grade.
In this learning-packed e-book, your baby will paintings at the following skills:
- Math
- Reading
- Writing
- Vocabulary
- Grammar
A summer’s worthy of serious studying! to be used with Grades 7-8.

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3. Using each plan, determine the cost of the car rental for your entire round-trip. Which plan makes the most sense for you? Why? 55 ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Summarizing Summer Express Between Grades 7 & 8 © Scholastic Teaching Resources Pedal Power On Monday mornings, city streets are jammed with cars and buses filled with commuters. Take a closer look, and you might see plenty of people pedaling their way to work or school. The number of bike commuters has more than tripled over the past two decades. Worldwide, three times more bikes are built than cars.

16. Audrey ran down the stares when she heard the doorbell ring. 41 ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Decimal Review Decimal Operations KfX[[fijlYkiXZkn`k_[\Z`dXcj#i\d\dY\ikfc`e\lgk_\[\Z`dXcgf`ekj%Lj\q\ifjXjgcXZ\ _fc[\ijjfk_Xkk_\eldY\if][`^`kjkfk_\i`^_kf]k_\[\Z`dXcgf`eki\dX`eZfej`jk\ek% 8[[`e^q\ifjkfk_\i`^_kf]k_\]`eXc[`^`k`eX[\Z`dXc[f\jefkX]]\Zk`kjmXcl\% Summer Express Between Grades 7 & 8 © Scholastic Teaching Resources Line up the decimal points properly; add zeros if necessary and solve.

Summer Express Between Grades 7 & 8 © Scholastic Teaching Resources To find out, unscramble each geometry word. Write the correctly spelled word in the spaces provided. The boxed letters from top to bottom reveal the location. 1. NESTMEG 2. NECO 3. ELMOVU 4. CRINAPPLERUDE 5. AYR 6. GLEAN 7. YAMDRIP 8. PESHER 9. MIRPS 10. REXVET 11. PINTO 50 ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Persuasive Writing Persuasive Prompt Writing Situation: Girls and boys often enjoy playing the same sports and play with equal skill. Some people believe that girls and boys should be able to play on the same team.

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