Star Power: Astrology for Teens by Rob MacGregor, Megan MacGregor

By Rob MacGregor, Megan MacGregor

In big name strength: Astrology for youths, you’ll become aware of every thing you want to find out about your sunlight signal and your Moon signal, and particularly the combo of the 2. You’ll examine extra approximately your self and your pals, if you happen to be aware of their start info – birthday, time and placement. You’ll observe how the positions of the celebs at your beginning have effects on your character, the types of individuals to whom you're attracted, what you search for in associates, your puppy peeves, your skills and skills, your intuitive intelligence, or even the kinds of individuals with whom you get alongside most sensible.

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You can be the inventor rather than the manufacturer, the creative artist rather than the commercial artist, the novelist rather than the journalist, the architect rather than the contractor, and the painter rather than the illustrator. The choice is yours. Passions: Sports, athletics, speed in every shape and form, new ideas, working independently, creative people, action and doing rather than passive activities, interactive games, starting anything interesting, living spontaneously, breaking rules that make no sense to you, and being the first to do everything.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is why people under this sign are independent, strong-willed, and usually have fiery tempers. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, which is why Scorpios are loners. Jupiter stands for luck, success, expansion, capacity for optimism, and joy. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Jupiter’s position in your natal chart tells you where you will be lucky in life. Jupiter is the largest planet in our corner of the universe. Its diameter is 11 times that of Earth and it takes 12 years to cycle through the Zodiac.

In particular, you should take a look at the planet or planets that rule your sign. For example, if you’re the Aries that we keep using as an example, then it’s to your benefit to understand how Mars, your ruler, influences you. Before we describe them, here’s a summary of the planets, their keywords, and their astrological symbols. Planet Keyword Symbol Sun Self 0 Moon D Communication v ~ Mercury Love Venus Action Mars Jupiter I I Action Expansion Saturn Restriction Uranus Revolution Neptune Imagination Pluto I Q Transformation I 4 ti 8 In the Western practice of astrology, the Sun is the most important planet.

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