Shrubs and trees of the Southwest Uplands by Francis H. Elmore, Jeanne R. Janish

By Francis H. Elmore, Jeanne R. Janish

Box consultant to the most typical plant species of the Southwest came across from 4,500 ft to 11,500 ft, all of which might be present in nationwide Park provider components. those components are in Southern Utah, Southern Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and somewhat western Texas and Oklahoma. The soils are diversified, as are the climates within which those crops are available. listed here are low mesas, lofty peaks, deep canyons, and shallow arroyos, making up one of the most dazzling surroundings within the usa. every one plant contains a distinctive drawing of the plant, relative top, foliage, vegetation and fruit. The e-book can also be illustrated with colour pictures of crops and timber in situ.

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The dark green leaves are pinnately compound, that is with leaflets on opposite sides of a central leaf stalk (p. 95). In this species there are from 4 to 8 pairs of leaflets with a single leaflet at the tip, making a total of 9 to 17 leaflets to each leaf stalk. The slightly acid berries are used to make "lemonade" when mixed with water and sugar. The pulverized fruits freshen water when added to it. It forms a good cover for rabbits, chipmunks and other small animals, and provides berries for food.

33 Netleaf Hackberry sugarberry, false elm, palo blanco • \ 1 s•) \ \ ' leaves asymmetrical / / /I ; l! A " n I / ? m m Celtis reticulata older bark warty Elm family (Ulmaceae) Range: Our whole range; nw to WA; e. to KS & NB; s. to Mex. Dry, rocky hillsides and canyons, 2,500' - 7,000'. If you see a tree in the southwest uplands that looks like an elm, but isn't— it's the hackberry, a member of the elm family. Americah elm comes no closer to our area than the eastern parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

45 Boxelder ¡"shleaf n S T b S e l d e T maple, maple-ash Maple family (Aceraceae) Acernegundo ln PA- n to Can e to Atl. Coast; s. to Mex. Ranae: Our whole range; w. to CA n to. oan.. e. sîëfmbanks and moist land, 3,500' - 8,500. This tree is neither a SÄ^^^^ » £ £ ^ & £ ^ ^ ^ (tapped) ,or its sweet sap * •"^„ESSSSÄÄÄ Ä tree a b o , 50 feet , height, but more often than not it tea many-stemmecshrubid 10 to 5 J ^ ^ i e a v e s The double-winged seeds identrfy>t as a ™ P ^ : toothed very un-maple-like ^ Ä f f e n d s m o o h o ^ w t w i g s , but pale grayish leaflets (p.

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