Self and Motivational Systems: Towards A Theory of by Joseph D. Lichtenberg

By Joseph D. Lichtenberg

First released in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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His tension and anxiety could prompt him to shut his eyes, clench his fists and bang them against his legs, and leave the office during sessions. Aversive motivations appeared to dominate his life, triggering affects of fear and shame. Of the two primary aversive responses, withdrawal predominated, and antagonism was expressed in attacks on himself. In contrast, he was able to speak in an eloquent, affectively engaged, articulate manner. He betrayed a dry sense of humor and a sensitivity for nuances and details in his associations.

This points us to the individual subjectivity of analyst and analysand. We hold that what has generally been thought of as having been organized solely intrapsychically inevitably bears the stamp of the intersubjective context of assumed responsiveness and motivations of the other. Thus, we place the analysand’s expectations of evoking a selfobject experience from the analyst at the center of the organization of the analysand’s associations and communicating; we place the less often considered analyst’s expectations of evoking a selfobject experience from the work with the analysand at the center of the organization of the analyst’s associations and communications.

Along with the explication of the model scene, interpretations focused on his experience of attempting to reclaim self-determination over his motivations. The back-and-forth exploration stimulation by the model scene ranged over problems in each of the motivational systems as they appeared in the associations. He believed he was doomed to need others to regulate his physiological requirements. Attachment to a woman meant he had to be grateful for being taken in, lost, abandoned soul that he was.

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