Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey by Alex Grey

By Alex Grey

This detailed sequence of work takes the viewer on a photo, visionary trip throughout the actual, metaphysical, and religious anatomy of the self. From anatomically right rendering of the physique platforms, gray strikes to the spiritual/energetic structures with such photos as "Universal brain Lattice," envisioning the sacred and esoteric symbolism of the physique and the forces that outline its residing box of power.

Includes essays at the value of Grey's paintings through Ken Wilber, the eminent transpersonal psychologist, and by way of the famous long island artwork critic, Carlo McCormick.

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The detailed precision of his work arises from an obsession to experience and communicate the multidimensional nature of the self and the transformative and evolutionary potential of consciousness. Alex’s work places him in a very small group of important contemporary artists; through his art he aspires to all three realms—reaching from matter, to mind, to spirit—in itself a very rare ideal. DYING, 1990 oil on linen, 60 x 44 in. THROUGH DARKNESS TO LIGHT: The Art Path of Alex Grey Carlo McCormick As we near some sense of finality in our cultural imagination—approaching the millennium—it is easy to sense the widespread nihilist belief that we have nothing left to say.

Simple life-sized charts of the nervous system and subtle energy systems (acupuncture, chakras, auras) were displayed to allow the audience to stand before them and mirror their own systems. In the Sacred Mirrors, it was the artist's intention to create an installation which would function as a psychotronic device for the transformation of the viewer/participant, that is, a device powered by the psychic energy of consciousness of both viewer and artist. Each system is painted in its ideal and healthy form, so that the viewer can use it for healing and transformative contemplation.

It was the middle of the night, I was covered with sweat and trembling from fear. A few days later, I had another nightmarish episode in which I found myself inside an ominously menacing courtroom, before a judge I could not see and an angry jury, as I faced a woman who accused me of trespassing her body in my morgue work. I tried to explain that I was making "art," but there was absolutely no forgiveness. The judge told me that from now on I must do more positive work, and put me on life probation never again to create such negative art.

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