Rhythm and Meter. Phonetics and Phonology, Volume 1 by Paul Kiparsky, Gilbert Youmans

By Paul Kiparsky, Gilbert Youmans

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As an incentive toward further research, let me perform one more experiment on (14). If we change the note values in the last measure from quarter + eighth to eighth + quarter, as in (16), suddenly " b a m b o o " becomes a great deal more acceptable. However, if we then change " b a m b o o " to "baboon," the result is worse again. Yet the stress pattern of the word has not changed, only the length of the first syllable. Evidently there is more to text setting than matching metrical grids. Inconclusive though this exercise is, it does present further evidence for the correlation of stress with the metrical grid rather than with time-span reduction.

JL c i trier a. or u- i l l ± i conventionalized harmonic patterns that mark the ends of phrases. Within cadences, it is essentially prohibited to introduce accentual cues that con­ travene the prevailing metrical pattern ( G 7 T M : 8 8 - 8 9 , rule M P R 7). A common stylistic device of classical tonal music that exploits this constraint is an increase in metrical complexity through cross-accentuation immediately prior to a cadence, so that the cadence comes as a haven not only of har­ monic stability but of metrical stability as well.

And JJJ JJJ JJJ .. 45 Phonetics and P h o n o l o g y , V o l u m e 1: Rhythm and Meter Copyright © 1989 by Academic Press, Inc. All rights o f reproduction in any form reserved. 46 Alan Prince Such groupings of differentially prominent elements can be represented with AAA relationally labeled tree structures: for the first, S W S W S W; for the A A A second, W S W S W S. ) Clearly, any constituent structure imposed on a grid will (largely) determine a W/S-labeled tree; conversely, given suitable interpretive principles, a W / S tree determines (or strongly limits) the grid it can be associated with.

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