Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Level 5 by Edge

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Fires are worse than earthquakes. No music collection is complete without a Beatles CD, because the Beatles are the most influential band of the 20th century. ” They sold millions of records, appeared in movies and on television, and have had dozens of books written about them. Even today, many Beatles songs receive regular radio airplay—they are considered classic hits. 2. What is the main idea? ______ a. CDs are better than records. b. No music collection is complete without a Beatles CD. c. The Beatles were popular only in the ‘60s.

8. Jane knew about her surprise party because Austin _________________________________________________________________________. 9. The sportscaster predicted the game would be a _________________________________________________________________________. 10. I woke up this morning feeling ____________________________________________________. com A newspaper article always tells the reader about each of the 5 W’s. Directions: WHO: WHAT: WHERE: WHEN: WHY: You are a writer for the local newspaper.

Com Directions: Classify the items growing in this garden under the headers below. I have my very own garden I tend to it every day There’s thyme, cantaloupe, chives, and asparagus Delicious in their own way. Watermelon, basil, dates, and beans: Waxed, lima, string, and French Red potatoes, strawberry, and grape vines above and down below I admire them from my bench! Green tomatoes, radicchio, and apples the size of moons Hot peppers, sweet peppers, and yellow peppers bloom Nectarines, peaches, and bananas Keep me busy until harvest—July, August, and June!

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