Read Reflect Respond a (Read Reflect Respond) by Joanne Suter, Janice Greene

By Joanne Suter, Janice Greene

The CCSS emphasizes nonfiction as a vital part to any winning examining software. The examining decisions in learn, mirror, reply introduce scholars to the framework of content-rich nonfiction. scholars connect with the textual content, exploring their very own stories, reviews, and previous wisdom. they'll fast get to grips with some of the sorts of responses required to the comprehension questions, together with considering seriously in regards to the fabric. This familiarity will alert them to special clues within the textual content interpreting fabric. they are going to discover ways to specialize in the most suggestion, key vocabulary, and critical facts.

Each e-book comprises fifty four two-page content-rich nonfiction articles and comprehension questions, plus super lessons. resolution keys are at the back of every one book.

Each publication incorporates a CD, which incorporates an entire digital model of the reproducible as an unlocked PDF. Unlocked PDFs let clients to copy/paste textual content and sure pictures for posting, emailing, projecting on a whiteboard, and extra.

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City bus systems have a lot to offer everyone. 2. What’s the main purpose of a bus schedule? a. to trace the route of a certain bus line b. to tell what time a bus reaches each stop along the route Recall details. 3. Circle three items of information you can find on a bus schedule. when a bus arrives how long it takes to get at certain stops from one stop to the next which stops are transfer points if the bus is running on time that day 4. Describe two ways transit companies help riders with disabilities.

Compare one of the new games with Pac-Man. Think about subject matter, graphics, difficulty, and about the audiences they appeal to. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Circle a letter or word, fill in the blanks, or write out the answer. Recall details. 1. In 2005, how many years old was the Pac-Man game?

Rachael was honored as one of America’s top ( blind athletes / women athletes ). 7. Rachael plans to ( retire from sled dog racing / enter the next Iditarod ). 12. Something that encourages people to take action is said to _____________________ them. Make a judgment. 13. ) a musher from Oregon young a pet owner legally blind tour guide Look it up on the Internet. 14. Find websites that feature interviews with Rachael Scdoris. Write something interesting Rachael said in an interview. _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ READ•REFLECT•RESPOND 35 LESSON 16 Why does the moon change color?

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