Psychology and Experience by Benjamin Bradley

By Benjamin Bradley

If own event is the elemental uncooked fabric for psychology, why do the entire significant psychologies of the previous century locate cause to marginalize or deny it? Benjamin Bradley offers a thought-provoking examine which explores the way in which our daily adventure of lifestyles has been marginalized in the clinical self-discipline of psychology. Arguing that an experience-based method of psychology may still supplement the extra conventional clinical strategy, Bradley takes a daring preliminary step in the direction of reclaiming the Enlightenments imaginative and prescient for the self-discipline.

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24ff), and that is that. Though uttered in the name of science and with the idea that only if students are ‘scientific’ will they ‘think critically’, such a dictat runs directly against the founding principle of science: its cultivation of, and respect for, the principle of unfettered free inquiry. So I hope, simply by making the case that there is a debate to be had about the place of experience in psychological education, to encourage critical thinking in the discipline by removing the apparent embargo on open discussion of our approach to training.

And they will only take up the option of doing further training if they have maintained an academic ambition (and the necessary financial resources) as, otherwise, they will want to step into the workforce without further qualification. Typically more than nine out of every ten students who enroll in first-year Psychology may fall by the wayside before they can qualify to practise. 3 As Scho¨n (1987, pp. 310–11) comments, a technical-rational approach ensures that ‘in the normative curriculum, a practicum comes last, almost as an afterthought.

Truth is felt to inhere in the record of a brain-scan, audio-tape or scatter-plot. No human judgement is involved. We may even come to feel that the best models for the people we study are machines, whether hydraulic systems or computer programmes. We thereby bar consideration of those aspects of life which cannot be mechanically modelled: emotions, uncertainty, malice, social life, cultural forms, sexual passion. This frame of mind is marked by a determination not to experience anything, something that goes in tandem with an inability to reject or ignore any stimulus.

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