Prolonged Psychosocial Effects of Disaster. A Study of by Goldine C. Gleser

By Goldine C. Gleser

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Feeling that people are unfriendly or dislike you (continued) 30 : L O N G - T E R M P S Y C H O S O C I A L EFFECTS O F DISASTER SCHEDULE 1 - conrinued Depression 4. loss of sexual interest or pleasure 11. thoughts of ending your life 15. poor appetite 16. crying easily 21. blaming yourself for things 24. feeling lonely 25. feeling blue 26. feeling no interest in things 44. feeling hopeless about the future These symptoms were then grouped into o n e of five clusters corresponding to the factor on which they had the highest loading.

For the other scales, definitions of scale points were tightened on the basis of an examination of protocols for which there was greatest discrepancy. 91 for Dis­ placement. Perfect agreement was obtained for 7 0 - 8 0 % of the cases on each of the several scales. T h e final scales and their frequence distributions are reproduced in Table 4 . 3 . Although the scale S2 quantifies the events that occurred in the 2 weeks following the flood from a consideration of the extent to which they in­ volved continued death anxiety and struggle for survivial, we also thought it likely that certain activities that took place during this period had the effect of remobilizing an individual's defenses, particularly those activities that could reassure the individual of his ability to cope.

Pains in the lower part of your back 34. nausea or upset stomach 35. soreness of your muscles 38. trouble getting your breath 39. hot or cold spells 42. numbness or tingling in parts of your body 43. a lump in your throat 46. weakness in parts of your body 48. heavy feelings in your arms or legs Obsessive-Compulsive 6. trouble remembering things 7. worrying about sloppiness or carelessness 14. feeling confused 23. feeling blocked or stymied in getting things done 29- having to ask others what you should do 32.

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