Progesterone in orthomolecular medicine by Ray Peat

By Ray Peat

"Raymond Peat got his PhD in Biology from the college of Oregon, focusing on body structure. He has written brain and Tissue, Progesterone in orthomolecular medication, and nutrients for girls, along with articles in journals. He has taught on the college of Oregon, Urbana collage, Montana nation college, nationwide collage of Naturopathic drugs, Universidad Veracruzana, and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, and based Blake collage, foreign collage. He does autonomous examine and personal endocrine and dietary consulting."

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A diet low in iron and unsaturated fats protects the respiratory apparatus from the damaging effects of excessive excitation, and--since pregnenolone is formed in the mitochondrion-also helps to prevent the loss of these hormones. Wise, "Influence of estrogen on aging of the central nervous system: its role in declining female reproductive function," in Menopause: Evaluation, Treatment, and Health Concerns, pages 53-70, 1989. I. 2. I. Belova, "Structural damage to the mesencephalic reticular formation induced by immobilization stress," Bull.

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Progesterone, the Protective Substance of Youth In 1971, I discovered that vitamin E and progesterone work together to sustain efficient production and use of biological energy. (1) In the mid-1970s, I found that progesterone is the most powerful order-preserving substance (anti-chaotropic) on the cellular level, and that this explains its range of protective actions, from anti-toxic to anti-stress. (4) Their intimate association at certain cellular sites requires mutual solubility. This property of mutual affinity extends to all biological areas, meaning that the solution of progesterone in vitamin E can be administered with exceptional efficiency by application to the skin or other membranes, or by ingestion, where normal digestive processes convert it into chylomicrons and distribute it to all tissues, allowing it to escape the tendency of the liver to convert it rapidly to an excretory form, as occurs when progesterone is administered in other forms.

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