Practical Paediatric Nutrition by E. M. E. Poskitt (Auth.)

By E. M. E. Poskitt (Auth.)

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Formula-fed infants of hepatitis B carrying mothers are also likely to acquire the infection at, or shortly after, birth from close contact with their mothers. Infants born to mothers infected with HIV may have acquired the infection transplacentally. If not, they may become infected by viral transmission in milk. Until there is some chance of successful immunization or treatment for AIDS it 36 Breast feeding would seem that HIV-positive women in developed Westernized countries should be advised to formula feed their infants (DHSS, 1988).

Washington: The Brookings Institution BUDIN, p. (1907) The Nursling. London: Caxton Printing Company BUTTE, N. , GARZA, c , O'BRIAN SMITH, Ε. and NICHOLS, B. L. (1984) Human milk intake and growth in exclusively breast fed infants. Journal of Pediatrics, 104, 187-195 COMMITTEE ON DRUGS (1983) The transfer of drugs and other chemicals into human breast milk. Pediatrics, 72, 375-383 COWARD, w. A . , WHITEHEAD, R. , SAWYER, M. , PRENTICE, A. M. and EVANS, J. (1979) New method for measuring milk intakes in breast fed babies.

Calcium absorption from cows' milk is less efficient than phosphate absorption in infancy and the high plasma phosphate induced falls in plasma calcium due to alterations in the calcium-phosphate product. This caused hypocalcaemia with jitteriness, tetany and convulsions in Cows' milk 47 otherwise well-fed, thriving infants. Introduction of low phosphate feeds was effective treatment. Nowadays the problem is unusual in infants who are appropriately fed on modified formulas. Hypertonie dehydration Hypernatraemic, hypertonic dehydration was a relatively frequent and disastrous occurrence for infants fed formula milks high in protein, sodium and chloride.

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