Podocytopathy by Z.-H. Liu, J.C. He, C. Ronco

By Z.-H. Liu, J.C. He, C. Ronco

The podocyte is a key mobile that kinds the final barrier of the kidney filtration unit. the most interesting advancements within the box of nephrology within the final decade has been the elucidation of its biology and its position within the pathophysiology of inherited and bought glomerular affliction, termed podocytopathy. during this ebook, world-renowned specialists summarize the newest findings and advances within the box: they describe the original organic positive aspects and damage mechanisms of the podocyte, novel concepts utilized in their research, and analysis and strength healing ways to glomerular ailments. because of its vast scope, this booklet is of serious worth not just for medical nephrologists and researchers, but additionally for college students, citizens, fellows, and postdocs.

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4 Vasmant D, Maurice M, Feldman G: Cytoskeleton ultrastructure of podocytes and glomerular endothelial cells in rat and man. Anat Rec 1984;210: 17–24. 5 Drenckhahn D, Franke RP: Ultrastructural organization of contractile and cytoskeletal proteins in glomerular podocytes of chicken, rat, and man. Lab Invest 1988; 59:673–682. 6 Stamenkovic I, Skalli O, Gabbiani G: Distribution of intermediate filament proteins in normal and diseased human glomeruli. Am J Pathol 1986;125: 465–475. 7 Chen J, Boyle S, Zhao M, Su W, Takahashi K, Davis L, et al: Differential expression of the intermediate filament protein nestin during renal development and its localization in adult podocytes.

IF proteins that are expressed in mature podocytes include vimentin [5], desmin [6] and nestin [7]. The presence of vimentin in differentiated podocytes underlines their mesenchymal features. Most likely, IF fibers confer stability to the cell body that is constantly floating in the filtrate and exposed to immense mechanical stress. Podocytes express several MT-associated proteins (MAPs) including MAP3 and MAP4 [8]. A major function of MT in proliferating cells is to provide force for chromosomal segregation.

1159/000360504 21 Cell Biology and Pathology of Podocytes Liu Z-H, He JC (eds): Podocytopathy. Contrib Nephrol. , USA Abstract Background: Proteinuria is a cardinal sign of chronic kidney disease, which is a major healthcare problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Recent advances in molecular genetics and cell biology have revealed the podocyte as the primary functional regulator of the tri-layered glomerular filter. Since podocyte foot processes (FP) and their interposed slit diaphragms (SD) form the final barrier to protein loss, podocyte injury causes proteinuric kidney disease.

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