Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 9 by Jules Janick

By Jules Janick

Commitment: Royce S. Bringhurst--Pre-Eminent Strawberry Breeder (J. Hancock).

The Diallel move: layout, research, and Use for Plant Breeders (B. Christie & V. Shattuck).

Biochemical and Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding (C. Stuber).

Homeotic Floral Mutations (G. Acquaah, et al.).

Recurrent limited Phenotypic choice (G. Burton).

Recurrent choice in Maize (A. Hallauer).

Breeding of caliber Protein Maize (QPM) (M. Bjarnason & S. Vasal).

Breeding Potatoes for Long-Day, Temperate Climates (T. Tarn, et al.).

Genetics of Apple (S. Brown).

Pollen-Incompatibility and Self-Fertility in candy Cherry (G. Tehrani & S. Brown).

Chapter 1 commitment: Royce S. Bringhurst Pre?Eminent Strawberry Breeder (pages 1–8): James F. Hancock
Chapter 2 The Diallel move: layout, research, and Use for Plant Breeders (pages 9–36): B. R. Christie and V. I. Shattuck
Chapter three Biochemical and Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding (pages 37–61): Charles W. Stuber
Chapter four Homeotic Floral Mutations (pages 63–99): George Acquaah, Joseph W. Saunders and Lowell C. Ewart
Chapter five Recurrent limited Phenotypic choice (pages 101–113): Glenn W. Burton
Chapter 6 Recurrent choice in Maize (pages 115–179): Arnel R. Hallauer
Chapter 7 Breeding of caliber Protein Maize (QPM) (pages 181–216): M. Bjarnason and S. okay. Vasal
Chapter eight Breeding Potatoes for Long?Day, Temperate Climates (pages 217–332): T. R. Tarn, G. C. C. Tai, H. De lengthy, A. M. Murphy and J. E. A. Seabrook
Chapter nine Genetics of Apple (pages 333–366): Susan okay. Brown
Chapter 10 Pollen?Incompatibility and Self?Fertility in candy Cherry (pages 367–388): Ghassem Tehrani and Susan ok. Brown

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Epistasis. One of the assumptions in most analyses for diallel crossesand indeed, in most procedures for quantitative genetics-is no nonallelic gene interaction or no epistasis. Gilbert (1958) and Baker (1978) have criticized the analysis for this requirement. Hayman (1954b) has presented two tests to detect the presence of epistasis. The first test concerns the values of W r and Vr across parental arrays. The values (Wr + Vr) will be constant across arrays only if the gene action determining the trait is additive.

55:129-132. Choo, T. , E. Reinbergs, and P. Y. Jui. 1988. Comparison of F2 and F oo diallel analyses in barley. Genome 30:865-869. Christie, B. , V. I. Shattuck, and J. A. Dick. 1988. The diallel cross: Its analysis and interpretation. University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada. , and K. Mather. 1970. Interaction and gene association and dispersion in diallel crosses where gene frequencies are unequal. Heredity 25:79-88. , C. O. Gardner, and R. F. Mumm. 1987. ) with different levels of exotic germplasm.

1987. Diallel analysis of maize resistance to sorghum downy mildew. Crop Sci. 27:178-180. Bowman, D. , and J. E. Jones. 1984. A diallel study of bract surface areallint weight per boll ratio in cotton. Crop Sci. 24:1137-1141. Bray, R. A. 1971. Quantitative evaluation of the circulant partial diallel cross. Heredity 27:189-204. , S. Baroncelli, A. Bennici, M. Pagliai, andR. Tesi. 1974. Genetics of growth and differentiation in vivo of Brassica oleracea var. botrytis. II. An in vitro and in vivo analysis of a diallel cross.

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