Personality Dimensions and Arousal by Hans J. Eysenck (auth.), Jan Strelau, Hans J. Eysenck (eds.)

By Hans J. Eysenck (auth.), Jan Strelau, Hans J. Eysenck (eds.)

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The lIn some of our more recent studies we have used alternative measures of impulsivity, including items taken from experimental measures of impulsivity developed by S. B. G. Eysenck. We have not found any more consistent results with these measures than with the original nine items derived from the EPI. 24 WILLIAM REVELLE ET AL. logic behind this approach has been spelled out in more detail in Humphreys, Revelle, Simon and Gilliland (1980) and Humphreys and Revelle (1984). , 1980; Humphreys & Revelle, 1984) suggested that arousal facilitates tasks that require rapid and sustained information transfer (SIT) but hinders tasks that require storage or retrieval of information in short-term memory (STM).

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