Pablo Picasso. An Introduction by Howard Greenfeld

By Howard Greenfeld

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His nineteenth birthday. Once two young men quickly found in Paris, the which they shared with studio at the time. The studio was Pallares, on for of independence. a hill above the city, yet part of revelation to Picasso. He The whole saw for the first his of Paris was a time the works Pissarro Van Gogh. These and known it, —Monet, Renoir, —and those Post-Impressionists—Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, of the Impressionists of the also there in Montmartre, a villagelike section high its spirit who was a work at the time.

Mind was on Nonetheless, Picasso's coming artistic clear that although he climate of Barcelona ing for him. That clear in a letter he letter, illustrated Paris. worked, the was not intellectual wrote to Max Jacob his you forgotten you, but I true language for a long time. am working very . a —he It's hard. I show find of 1902, Picasso was back in Paris. even greater poverty. his clothing) But shortly it my has too He was was earning living as a part-time tutor to a small boy. and paid great attention to "I .

New glorious artist in It was art, his works German that told of the poet and coming of a and the emergence of a new type of the twentieth century. Pablo Picasso, who would one day revolutionize arrived in Barcelona with his family in September. art, On October 25, his fourteenth birthday, the headlines an- nounced a spectacular train crash at the station in Paris. station A and crashed train had roared down into at full the street, Montparnasse speed into the two floors below. This terrifying news was to symbolize both the progress into which the twentieth century was heading, and the fear of the Soon unknown after the that this progress inspired.

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