On a class of singularly perturbed elliptic equations in by Pomponio A., Secchi S.

By Pomponio A., Secchi S.

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Clearly, this theorem shows that there is no essential difficulty in dealing with local maxima of Γ instead of minima. Moreover, when we deal with local minima (resp. maxima) of Γ, the preceding results can be improved because the number of positive solutions of (1) can be estimated by means of the category and M does not need to be a manifold. 9. Let (V-V1) and (J-J1) hold and suppose Γ has a compact set X where Γ achieves a strict local minimum (resp. maximum), in the sense that there exists δ > 0 and a δ-neighborhood Xδ of X such that b := inf{Γ(x) : x ∈ ∂Xδ } > a := Γ|X , (resp.

Inst. Henri Poincar´e, Anal. Non Linaire, 15, No. 2, (1998), 127–149. [14] M. del Pino, P. Felmer, Semi-classical states of nonlinear Schr¨ odinger equations: a variational reduction method, Math. , 324, No. 1, (2002), 1–32. [15] A. Floer, A. Weinstein, Nonspreading wave packets for the cubic Schr¨odinger equation with a bounded potential, J. Funct. , 69, (1986), 397–408. 36 [16] B. Gidas, W. M. Ni, L. Nirenberg, Symmetry of positive solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations in RN , Adv. , Suppl.

If lim inf n→∞ dist(¯ yn , Λ) > 0 then, since we ˜ sufficiently small, we have also lim inf n→∞ dist(¯ ˜ > 0 and so can take Λ yn , Λ) from (46) we get |tn vn |2 = o(1) = ˜ RN \ε−1 n Λ |wn |2 = ˜ RN \ε−1 n Λ |wn (· + zn )|2 = = ˜ yn ) RN \ε−1 n (Λ−¯ |w∞ |2 + o(1), RN which contradicts the positivity of w∞ . Hence we may assume that y¯n → y¯ ∈ Λ. But then β(un ) = RN χ(εn x + y¯n )|wn (x + zn )|2 dx → y¯ ∈ Λ, |wn (x + zn )|2 dx RN ˜ against our (absurd) assumptions β(un ) ∈ / Λ. 4, the map ξ → Φε (ξ) sends M ε ˜ ˜ Then the map into N .

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