Nuevos métodos en ciencias humanas by angel (Coord.) Prior Olmos

By angel (Coord.) Prior Olmos


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The Transformation of Cities: Urban Theory and Urban Life

The purpose of the e-book is to check the transformation of town within the overdue twentieth century and discover the ways that urban existence is based. The shift from modern-industrial to information/consumption-based 'post-modern' towns is traced during the textual content. the point of interest is not only on the US and Europe but in addition explores towns in different components of the realm as urban progress within the 21st century can be predominantly outdoor of those areas.

Researching 'Race' and Ethnicity: Methods, Knowledge and Power

'Gunaratnam's framework is wealthy in its exam and synthesis of methods to the examine of "race"… the gift for the reader who does choose up the booklet is that the writer deftly articulates the advanced view of study on "race" first from the quantitative standpoint after which skilfully strikes the reader to problems with "race" in qualitative learn' - stories in Ethnicity and Nationalism 'This is a welcome booklet for these engaged in coverage and empirical paintings with an energetic examine schedule… there's a point of theoretical sophistication within the textual content that is usually lacking from texts involved in equipment during this zone' - Race family Abstracts `The specific price of this ebook to readers lies within the dialogue of "race", ethnicity and study matters inside a political and social context.

Theoretical and practical reason in economics : capacities and capabilities

The purpose of the e-book is to argue for the recovery of theoretical and sensible cause to economics. It provides Nancy Cartwright and Amartya Sen{u2019}s rules as circumstances of this recovery and sees Aristotle as a power on their concept. It seems at how we will be able to use those principles to advance a invaluable realizing of sensible reason behind fixing concrete difficulties in technology and society.

The Social Sciences of Quantification: From Politics of Large Numbers to Target-Driven Policies

This publication information how quantification can serve either as facts and as an tool of presidency, even if whilst facing data on employment, occupational well-being and fiscal governance, or whilst constructing public administration or target-driven regulations. within the strategy, it provides a thought-provoking homage to Alain Desrosières, who pioneered how one can examine huge numbers and the politics underlying them.

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Y así, estaremos en condiciones de reconstruir unos movimientos históricos cuyas distancias con nosotros están muy claras. De esta forma, el doble movimiento del giro copernicano volverá a tener sentido, sin asumir posiciones que escapen a un fundamento ajeno a la crítica. ¿Pero qué es lo que hemos hecho hasta ahora? Hemos identificado una posición crítica en el presente, basada en lo irrenunciable que es para nosotros la inexistencia de una dominación carismática. Después hemos invocado una posición conceptual que hace de la teoría de la dominación y de sus desarrollos una lente para mirar el pasado.

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