Moral Measures: An Introduction to Ethics West and East by James Tiles

By James Tiles

Ethical Measures is a transparent, clean and available creation to ethics which rigorously illuminates the tough matters surrounding cross-cultural ethics and ethical concept. through studying Western and jap ethical traditions, James Tiles explores the foundation for picking moral measures of behavior throughout diverse cultures.

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Maintaining its credibility may well extend to inflicting physical punishment for symbolic injuries and affronts (to ‘the family honor’). Carrying out revenge may require the physical strength of the men of the family, but sustaining the attitude that the imperative to seek vengeance should override everything else is commonly shared by all members of the family. Vilhelm Grönbech, who draws on literature to illustrate the revenge ethic in medieval Scandinavia, gives this example from the Laxdoela Saga: Gudrun was up at sundawn, says the saga, and woke her brothers.

How individuals internalize knowledge of the principles of the climate of attitude around them, as distinct from internalizing the attitudes themselves, is an aspect of a general problem encountered elsewhere, that of understanding how people extract general concepts, rules or principles from their experience of particulars. The two, internalization of knowledge and internalization of attitude, however, do not commonly occur separately; if a person knows a climate of attitude but does not share it, it is because the attitudes of others conflict with attitudes which that person acquired from somewhere else.

Kant had used the same term to mark out the same domain more than a century before (Kant 1797:231). ’ Since ‘validity,’ along with ‘legitimacy,’ are words that naturally come to mind if one tries to unpack the meaning of the question about the ‘basis’ that people have for approving or condemning a practice, ethics will clearly be interested in conventions and laws in the senses Weber uses. What the words ‘validity’ and ‘legitimacy’ point to is that people will not only feel approval or disapproval of some form of conduct but they will also regard the way they feel as correct or appropriate, as conforming to some notion they possess of how (objectively) they should or ought to feel.

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