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For more information on the new feature areas in FrontPage, refer to the section on New Feature Areas; for details on language elements, refer to the section entitled New Language Elements; or, for details on language elements that have been hidden, refer to the section Hidden Language Elements. New Feature Areas The following topics provide conceptual information about features that are new in FrontPage 2000. Accessing the Object Model in FrontPage from Design-Time Controls Accessing Framesets with Microsoft Visual Basic Coding in a Windowless Environment Creating Web Sites With Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Exploring Procedures Exploring the Object Model in FrontPage Managing Publishing with Meta Tags Managing Source Control Projects Modifying Pages Programmatically Programming Dynamic Elements Sharing Programming Projects Understanding Absolute and Relative URL Addressing Using Events to Control Actions 32 What's New for Developers in FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage Objects 33 New Language Elements Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is new to FrontPage.

The new language elements in Visual Basic replace the FrontPage 98 language elements. However, the FrontPage 98 elements are included in FrontPage 2000 as hidden elements for purposes of backward compatibility, but are not recommended for use with Visual Basic in FrontPage 2000. Hidden Language Elements The Microsoft FrontPage 98 OLE Automation interfaces are now depreciated in favor of the new, richer object model. The old automation interfaces will continue to work. The one caveat is that if a user has mulitple windows open, any call that operates on a web will use the web contained in the top most FrontPage window.

To control which document object the event is passed to, you must set both the cancelBubble and returnValue events. The cancleBubble event works to cancel the event from going any farther up the event 30 Using Events to Control Actions Managing Source Control Projects 31 chain. Set the cancelBubble property for the IHTMLEventObj to True when you don't want the OnClick event to be passed up to the next level of OnClick events, otherwise, set the cancelBubble property to False. For example, if you have an image that has an OnClick event placed on a document, which also has an OnClick event, you would set the cancelBubble property for the IHTMLEventObj object to True for the image, if you don't want the OnClick event to be passed on up to the document OnClick event.

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