Metal-containing enzymes by Christov, Christo

By Christov, Christo

Published always given that 1944, the Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology sequence is the basic source for protein chemists. every one quantity brings forth new information regarding protocols and research of proteins. each one thematically equipped quantity is visitor edited by way of major specialists in a vast variety of protein-related topics.

  • Describes advances in metal-containing enzymes
  • Chapters are written via gurus of their field
  • Targeted to a large viewers of researchers, experts, and students
  • The details supplied within the quantity is easily supported via a couple of top of the range illustrations, figures, and tables

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5. CONCLUSIONS AND OUTLOOK A significant sequence-specific difference between fungal and plant PPOs exists, due to the nonexistence of a transit peptide in fungi and varying motifs in conserved regions. Based on the sequence information of the core domain, it cannot be predicted if a CO, tyrosinase, or aureusidin synthase is present. Therefore, it is not possible to classify a plant PPO into a CO, tyrosinase, or aureusidin synthase only based on its amino acid sequence. Despite the X-ray structures of type-3 copper proteins and enzymes that have been published in the last 25 years, still many questions are yet not answered.

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