Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Contemporary Approach by Gary L. Musser

By Gary L. Musser

Readers who use this article are inspired to benefit arithmetic. They turn into extra convinced and are larger capable of savor the wonder and pleasure of the mathematical world.That's why the recent 9th version of Musser, Burger, and Peterson's best-selling textbook makes a speciality of one fundamental objective: aiding scholars advance a real knowing of principal options utilizing strong mathematical content material in an available and beautiful structure. The parts during this entire studying program--from the textbook, to the eManipulative actions, to the net problem-solving instruments and the resource-rich website--work in concord to assist accomplish that aim.

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When the class was asked to solve the equation 3x - 8 = 27, Wesley asked if he could use guess and test. How would you respond? 28. Rosemary said that she felt the “Guess and Test” method was a waste of time; she just wanted to get an answer. What could you tell her about the value of using guess and test? 29. Even though you have taught your students how to “draw a picture” to solve a problem, Cecelia asks if she has to draw a picture because she can solve the problems in class without it. How would you respond?

Gary sat in the third seat from Mike. Who sat on the other side of Tom? 7. Using three of the symbols ϩ, Ϫ, ϫ, and Ϭ once each, fill in the following three blanks to make a true equation. ) 6 6 6 6 = 66 8. A water main for a street is being laid using a particular kind of pipe that comes in either 18-foot sections or 20-foot sections. The designer has determined that the water main would require 14 fewer sections of 20-foot pipe than if 18-foot sections were used. Find the total length of the water main.

4. Look back. Pólya wrote over 250 mathematical papers and three books that promote problem solving. His most famous book, How to Solve It, which has been translated into 15 languages, introduced his four-step approach together with heuristics, or strategies, which are helpful in solving problems. Other important works by Pólya are Mathematical Discovery, Volumes 1 and 2, and Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning, Volumes 1 and 2. He died in 1985, leaving mathematics with the important legacy of teaching problem solving.

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