Manly Crafts by Instructables Authors

By Instructables Authors

Manly Crafts supplies complete step by step directions for 35 artful initiatives with not anything frilly, lacy, or pastel in sight. how one can make a 5-cent marriage ceremony band, leather-based iPod case, and paracord bullwhip!

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Manly Crafts

Manly Crafts promises complete step by step directions for 35 artful tasks with not anything frilly, lacy, or pastel in sight. tips on how to make a 5-cent marriage ceremony band, leather-based iPod case, and paracord bullwhip!

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Cut here Step 3: Carving the hook With the knife you start to cut the strait stick flat on the backside. This flat side will be the part that will be against the wall, when the hook are mounted on the wall.. Image Notes 1. try to make the back side as flat and strait as possible. Image Notes 1. Test your work by laying it on a flat surface. It has to lay flat with contact all the way. Step 4: Remove the bark and shape the ends. Now remove the bark. If you want you can leave some of the bark intact and in that way make some ornamentation, patten or other decoration.

Mounted and ready to use. Image Notes 1. Great place for my jacket to hang. Step 8: Other designs. Now it is up to you how you want your hook to look like. Here you can see other designs, but with the same basic idea. Good luck with your own hook. Image Notes 1. Here the hanging hooks are the horns of this demon like character. The wood used for this hook is maple. 2. Small faces for decoration. 3. mounted with wooden pegs. Image Notes 1. The color in the face are unremoved bark. The red color of the eyes are my blood.

High quality tools are going to be hand-made with tempered steel that will cut better and last longer than the low quality stuff. There are chip carving knives with different shapes that will make difficult cuts a little easier, although they aren't necessary for the beginner. Sharpening Supplies You'll be putting your knife/knives through a lot of stress and thus you will need to sharpen them. You can buy sharpening stones or you can use a combination of 600+ grit sandpaper and water or oil. Any piece of leather will work as a strop.

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