Lymphedema: Diagnosis and Treatment by B.B. Lee, Simon J. Simonian, Benoit Blondeau, Lawrence L.

By B.B. Lee, Simon J. Simonian, Benoit Blondeau, Lawrence L. Tretbar, Cheryl L. Morgan

E-book by way of Lee, B.B., Simon J. Simonian, Benoit Blondeau

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Diagnosis The diagnosis of this extratruncular form of lymphatic malformations is made with noninvasive and invasive tests (1,2). The diagnostic testing is used to differentiate it from other extratruncular forms, especially from combined vascular defects and hemolymphatic malformations. Usually the diagnosis can be made without invasive tests. Ultrasonography (38), lymphoscin- 33 tigraphy, MRI, and CT are the basics for the initial diagnostic workup (39). More esoteric tests— such as Tc-99m RBC whole-body blood pool scintigraphy (WBBPS) (40) and transarterial lung perfusion scintigraphy (TLPS), using Tc-99m macro aggregated albumin (41)—are occasionally indicated.

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The new role of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) in the contemporary diagnosis of venous malformation: can it replace angiography? J Am Coll Surg. 1984. 40. Lee BB, Mattassi R, Kim BT, et al. Contemporary diagnosis and management of venous and AV shunting malformation by whole body blood pool scintigraphy (WBBPS). Int Angiol. 2004. 41. Lee BB, Mattassi R, Kim BT, et al.

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