Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sex Offender Treatment and

This instruction manual combines the newest idea on a high-profile, advanced topic in criminology, exploring the felony and moral dimensions of society’s reaction to intercourse offenders in jurisdictions from the us to Japan.

* the 1st e-book to supply a close and wide-ranging research of felony and moral matters in relation to intercourse criminal remedy and management
* Covers more than a few similar matters, from media insurance to equality duties
* offers study from a variety of nationwide jurisdictions together with the united kingdom, united states, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, and Israel
* comprises views from revered prime teachers and practitioners, together with William Marshall, Tony Ward, Doug Boer, Daniel Wilcox, and Marnie Rice

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However, it is still the case that more than 90% are never sentenced. As far as we can understand, the numbers of offenses is probably at a stable level. In Norway three major studies on the occurrence of sex offenses have been carried out, all before 2000 (Schei, Muus and Bendixen, 1994; Tambs, 1994; Sætre, Holter and Jebsen, 1986). Based on these studies and observations in the field, it is agreed that it would be reasonable to assume that at least 4 to 7% of the population have experienced sex offenses, of one kind or another, during their lifetime.

In the field of sex offending, we are facing severe human tragedies on both sides of the line. This should inspire us to try to find better ways of handling these cases, realizing that so far none of us has got the answers. In the meantime we have to look for the answers and seek possible solutions. Notes 1 This chapter particularly focuses on democratic nations in Western Europe and the United States. As democracies, these nations support the right of their people to influence the law, though not that the individual should stand above the law.

When the aim is to express these sorts of messages, there might be well-founded reasons for supporting a move towards stricter penalties, regardless of what effects the penalties may have on offenders’ behavior. In this case the aim is not to regulate behavior but to make some moral statement, which, for instance, could be to tell people that the authorities are aware of the problem of sex offenses and that victims will be supported. On the other hand it is not obvious that morality and punishment are correlated, so that moral values can only be expressed by strict sentences.

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