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Landscaping. step by step КНИГИ ;ДИЗАЙН Название: Landscaping. step by step Издательство: larger houses and Gardens Год: 2007 Страниц: 408 ISBN: 0696230828 Формат: PDF Язык: Английский Размер: 30 MBLandscaping - руководство имеет все, что вам нужно, чтобы знать как преобразовывают ваш участок. Более seven-hundred ошеломляющих фотографий и a hundred полных пошаговых проектов показывают вам, как улучшить ландшафтный дизайн.Скачать.com eighty five 1 2 three four five

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To be sure the corners are square, use the principle of the 3-4-5 triangle, as explained opposite and on page 59After you've found all four corners, doublecheck that they are square by measuring from each corner to the corner opposite it. If the corners are square, these diagonals will be equal in length. If they are not, go back and check each corner with the 3-4-5 triangle principle until you find the one that's out of square, then readjust the layout. 74 75 PRIVACY AND SECURITY he greater your measure of seclusion, the more personal and individual your environment becomes.

Forsythia can claim more room than its limited season merits. ' Comments: Lilac's fabulous clusters of fragrant flowers in shades of white, pink, blue, purple, and rose in midspring make it popular despite its limited season of interest. Prune seedpods after bloom and limit shoots coming from the crown. Good near front entry, sunny patio, open windows, and as background hedge or accent plant. Lengthen season of bloom by choosing several different species. VINES CLEMATIS Clematis species and hybrids Type: Perennial Length: 5-30 feet Zones: 4 - 9 Soil: Sandy, slightly alkaline Light: Full sun to light shade MORNING-GLORY Ipomea purpurea Type: Mostly annual Length: 8-10 feet Zones: 4 - 1 0 Soil: N o t too high in nitrogen Light: Full sun Comments: Beautiful plants, clematis species and hybrids vary widely in bloom type, color, fragrance, and season.

If you must always be assured of complete privacy, plantings alone may not be a good choice because diseases and other problems can create future gaps. Screens, which can be anything from sections of fence to individually designed panels, are particularly effective when you desire a lighter look than fencing would provide. • Plantings For maximum privacy using plants, you'll usually want to grow a border or hedge of shrubs (see pages 82-83 and 307-313). If your need for privacy extends into the winter, you'll want to choose evergreen, not deciduous, plants.

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