Jacques Derrida's Ghost: A Conjuration by David Appelbaum

By David Appelbaum

A lively analyzing of Derrida's view of ethics as transcendental and performative.

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Recollection foresees the issue that origins with the ghost popping out of secret temporal folds, the hymen. One might pause over the difficulty in exterminating ghosts and see that it isn’t that they are among the already-dead but that they are unshackled from living time. That time doesn’t bind them. Ghostbuster question: how to rid the premises of what has no purchase in time? 3 Proper name and location serve as quasi-determinants for the apparition. But if the identity of the revenant cannot be determined, is work to proceed?

An uncanny inaudibility, ‘from afar to afar,’ trembles backward and forward, to and fro, across the limit, and retraces the threshold of sound, movement, life. Its reticence is the voice reading and muted the way that spectrality is muted with respect to being. Here, the one addressed possesses a similar fluctuation in presence and also a variable ontological status, as if its existence were regulated by a rheostat. ’ The pattern is perpetually within the virtual focal point, and cannot be rendered distinct by any prosthesis, like a third-generation facsimile or videotape that has permanently lost resolution.

It is at ‘the end’ that one encounters the ghost, the truth of the apparitional. But not only at the end but in each modulation or modification of voicing, spectral keys infiltrate classical ones with a prophetic voice. ”14 Of a disturbance that insinuates itself without ever exposing its ‘rules,’ kept secret, it provides the platform from which the ghost works ghost-works. If it rubs out ground lines (‘deconstruction’), then the voice reading must exhibit symptoms of vertigo, queasiness, spookiness—the uncanny.

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