Ireland in the Nineteenth Century. A Breviate of Official by Arthur Maltby

By Arthur Maltby

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By the Lord for dividing the City of new wards. 1850 (559) XXV. sgd. November 1849. Lynch. " The commissioners report that they had trouble in trying to divide Dublin into wards territorially while making them equal as regards the number of people rated and the aggregate amount of the sums at which they are so rated. This is because the city is so unequally distributed as regards the amount of individual rating. Hence they decided that in no instance should the number to be rated be less than 1,000 nor should the aggregate of property rated exceed £50,000.

The location of all societies is shown on a map of Ireland. See also Class X for pawnbrokers. LOCAL (Five) local 1822 1823 1824 1825 loans via RATES AND TAXES reps, from the Sei. Cttee. on taxation of the City of Dublin. (394) VII. 75pp. (356) (549) VI. 320pp. (475) VIII. 16pp. (329) V. 20pp. Despite the growth of commerce, the exodus of wealthy families from Dublin has caused its resources to decline. Local taxation requires revision and the high salaries paid to officers should be reduced. There has been clear misappli­ cation of public money and the City also owes £5,000 to the Paving Board.

The cities and boroughs in Ireland sending representatives to Parliament. Letters and reports received by the Chief Secretary in answer to such instructions. Reps, from the Commrs. XLIII. with plans. 1831-32 (519) 162pp. Rep. sgd. January 1832. Capt. C. Duffy, Lieut. Bordes, Yates, Lieut. Hitchcock, Mould. The Chief Secretary directed the commissioners to inquire, with reference to each borough, into the right of voting and the number of voters; the number of houses rented at £10 per year; the number of rate-payers, method of assessment of rates and amount raised; the number of slated rather than thatched houses; the plans of every borough, county, city or town and the conditions for extending the voting limit.

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