Introduction to personality : toward an integrative science by Walter Mischel

By Walter Mischel

Reflecting the most recent advancements, this 8th version paints an image of the sphere as a cumulative, integrative technological know-how that builds on its wealthy earlier. It offers a way more coherent view of the complete functioning person within the social global. through the chapters, emphasis is put on useful purposes and private relevance to way of life in a transparent and compelling approach. The booklet additionally explores the basic good points and contributions from the field's historical past

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He urges that they adhere strictly to monthly breast self-examination as an important part of their health-maintenance program. When Yolanda tries self-examination, she remembers the risks the doctor described and she imagines them vividly. Her thoughts flow from anticipating finding the lump, to thinking ‘‘I’m going to die,’’ to a flood of panic feelings. She thinks ‘‘what will be will be’’ and stops trying to self-examine. When Virginia begins, she also remembers the physician’s words but she imagines that if there is a lump she will find it early, it can be removed, and she can be successfully treated.

The goal at this level of analysis is to examine how aspects of personality may have evolved in response to the evolutionary pressures and history that shaped our species over time. 8 What kinds of biological factors are known to underlie individual differences in personality? Consider two identical twin baby girls who were separated at birth and grew up in very different worlds. Jane was raised on a rural Iowa farm, an only child, with hard-working but unloving parents. Nahid’s life unfolded in the capital of Iran, nurtured by loving parents in a large, middle-class family.

18 ᭤ Chapter 1. Orientation to Personality These efforts include different forms of psychotherapy, drugs, and physical treatments, various special learning programs, and changes in the psychological environment to permit people to develop to their full potential. Research on these topics informs us about the usefulness and implications of different ideas about personality change in normal, well-functioning people as well as in those who are distressed. The concepts, methods, and findings relevant to personality assessment, change, and growth are discussed at many points as they apply to each of the major approaches and the levels of analysis that they guide.

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