Integrated Endocrinology by John Laycock, Karim Meeran

By John Laycock, Karim Meeran

This cutting edge textbook presents a readable, modern and completely built-in advent to endocrine glands, their hormones and the way their functionality pertains to homeostasis. It explores the pathology of endocrine ailment by means of referring to the underpinning technological know-how via a wealth of scientific eventualities and examples. The e-book integrates simple and scientific facets for more than a few endocrine glands and their hormones and features a variety of expert chapters that still handle parts of extreme study and medical curiosity together with the law of salt, urge for food and endocrine-immune interactions.

- presents a fully-integrated, clinical and scientific advent to endocrinology.
- contains a wealth of color illustrations to augment key concepts.
- Introduces scientific eventualities and best inquiries to interact curiosity and illustrate the relevance of the underpinning science.
- contains key references and recommendations for extra analyzing on the finish of every chapter.

Written by way of a hugely revered and skilled writer staff this new textbook will end up necessary to scholars desiring an unique, built-in creation to the topic throughout quite a few disciplines together with biomedical technological know-how, pharmacology , bioengineering and pre-clinical drugs.

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18, the hypothalamus receives an indirect negative feedback from circulating cortisol and a short (auto) negative feedback from corticotrophin, while the anterior pituitary simply receives a direct negative feedback influence from cortisol. In fact, the situation relating the hormones from the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis described here is more complex than this, with other hormones and factors also exerting regulatory influences upon it. The point to appreciate is that the control exerted on any endocrine system is multifactorial, and can be at a number of different levels as described here.

The defining characteristic for a plasma protein is whether it has a high or a low affinity for binding hormones, and what capacity it has for binding to them. g. cortisol), can transport relatively large amounts of these hormones. g. cortisol-binding globulin). Because these globulins are not present in particularly high concentrations in the blood, they may have a high affinity for specific hormones, but they have a low capacity for hormones generally. In contrast, albumins form the largest plasma protein component of the blood.

Their concentrations in the blood, while high enough in the portal system to exert their effects in the anterior pituitary, are too low to be usefully measured once the blood draining the pituitary reaches the general circulation. The close relationship between hypothalamus and anterior pituitary is often called the hypothalamo–anterior pituitary axis, also known as the hypothalamo-adenohypophysial axis. Other hypothalamic neurones, originating in the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei, pass down through the pituitary stalk to terminate close to capillaries in the posterior lobe of the pituitary, also called the neurohypophysis.

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