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After receiving the eight bits of a read request, the clock will respond by putting eight bits of its data on the serial data line. Commands and data are transferred serially in eight-bit groups over the serial data line, with the high-order bit first and the low-order bit last. To send a command to the clock, first set the rTCData bit of VIA data direction register B (vBase+vDirB) so that the real-time clock's serial data line will be used for output to the clock. Next, set the rTCClk bit of vBase+vBufB to 0, then set the rTCData bit to the value of the first (high-order) bit of your data byte.

The 8021 contains ROM and RAM, and is programmed to conform to the interface protocol described below. The keyboard plugs into the Macintosh through a four-wire RJ-11 telephone-style jack. If a numeric keypad is installed in the system, the keyboard plugs into it and it in turn plugs into the The Keyboard and Keypad 111-29 Inside Macintosh Macintosh. Figure 8 shows the pinout for the keyboard jack on the Macintosh, on the keyboard itself, and on the numeric keypad. 1 2 3 4 Ground Clock Data + 5 V0lt3 Figure 8.

Sec before the falling edge of the clock line and maintains it for 330 usee. The data bit is clocked into the Macintosh's "VTA shift register on the rising edge of the keyboard clock cycle. When the Macintosh sends data to the keyboard, the keyboard clock transmits eight 400-usec cycles (180 usee low, 220 usee high) on the clock line. On the falling edge of the keyboard clock cycle, the Macintosh places the data bit on the data line and holds it there for 400 usee. The keyboard reads the data bit 80 usee after the rising edge of the keyboard clock cycle.

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