Identity, Insecurity and Image: France and Language by D. E. Ager

By D. E. Ager

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Acquisition policies are concerned with teaching and learning language and languages. They deal with the teaching of the standard language and its relationship with dialects or non-standard forms. Acquisition policies also deal with the extent to which foreign and regional Page 2 languages may be taught within the country: the mastery of which languages may be accepted within the formal educational system as certifying an acceptable educational standard. The aim of acquisition policy is to decide which citizens have access to the standard language and to the socialisation it implies, and which languages will be regarded as sufficiently prestigious for the country to invest in teaching them.

But the bi- or multi-lingualism which does exist is individual bilingualism, where individuals speak more than one language, rather than the societal bilingualism of a country like Belgium where the country contains two or more groups of monolinguals speaking different languages. In individual bilingualism it is normal for the child to acquire one language before learning the other. ) language, to describe the order in which languages were acquired or learnt, although 'commonsense' words and expressions such as native language/mother tongue, foreign language, 'language of habitual/non-habitual use', are also in force.

G. the DOM-TOM) it is well to recall that the term implies dominance which is not necessarily numerical but, rather, political or social. French in French Polynesia is thus the 'majority' language even though it is spoken exclusively by a minority of the population. The sociolinguistic definition A second group of terms describes language(s) or 'varieties' of a language seen from the point of view of sociolinguistic variation or function. Terms such as 'dialect' and 'patois' (the latter usually restricted to non-prestigious dialects) have traditionally been used to describe regional variants of a language, while 'sociolect' or 'code' are sometimes used to describe varieties distinguished by their use in social groups, categories or classes.

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