Hormones and Signaling by Lutz Birnbaumer, James Darnell, Ronald Evans, Tony Hunter,

By Lutz Birnbaumer, James Darnell, Ronald Evans, Tony Hunter, Anthony R. Means, Vale Wylie, Bert W. O'Malley

Hormones and Signaling specializes in the mechanism of gene legislation on the mobile point. It additionally covers the way in which hormones act to modulate gene legislation and animal improvement. Key positive aspects* contains info on:* Nuclear receptors, coactivators, and corepressors* Membrane receptors, kinases, and phosphorylation on cascades* Hormonal legislation of improvement* Calcium channels and neurotransmitters* Chromatin, transcription components, and rules of gene expression* JAK/STAT pathways* Hormone-regulated improvement and gene "knock-out"

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When we examined the effect of dex on several proto-oncogenes in clones of mutant CEM cells, we found exact correlation only between c-myc down-regulation and cell death (92). That is, c-myc was greatly reduced by the steroid in sensitive clones CEM-C7 and H10 (a dex-sensitive somatic cell hybrid between CEMC1 and ICR-27), but was not affected in resistant clones ICR-27 or CEMC1. While it expresses some mutant GR protein, ICR-27 shows little or no GR binding by whole cell assay and is completely resistant to dex; the CEMC1 cells tested contained functional GR (able to induce glutamine synthetase) but were resistant to the apoptotic effects of glucocorticoids (125).

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