High In America: The True Story Behind NORML And The by Patrick Anderson

By Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson creates a close description of the struggle for the legalization and decriminaliziton of the marijuana within the usa. an outstanding learn that would continue you .

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Ed Koch, a Democrat who lived in Greenwich Village and later became mayor of New York. The 1970 drug act was a distinctly mixed bag. On the one hand, the Nixon administration wanted a tough drug law to highlight its law-and-order campaign. On the other hand, in Congress, as elsewhere, there existed by 1970 a growing awareness of the need for drug-law reform. Both sides won a partial victory. The Nixon administration won the reclassification of marijuana as a dangerous drug, which all but eliminated its medical use, a decision that NORML would fight throughout the decade.

When Stroup returned to reality, he thought he knew what the trouble had been. People had heard of the VVAW, but they knew nothing about NORML. At best, it was just a name; at worst, the more paranoid smokers would think the ad a trick by the government to get their names for John Mitchell's files. It was, for Stroup, the last straw. The first year of NORML had not been all fun and games. There was the constant concern about money and the threat of arrest. There had been plenty of rejections, plenty of reporters and politicians who'd laughed in his face, plenty of nights when there was nothing to do but go home and get stoned with Schott and Dubois and curse a nation that didn't care about the smokers who were rotting in jail.

Marijuana, like rock music and long hair, was another symbol of rebellion for the young. It was illegal, it produced a nice high, and it drove parents up the wall: Who could ask for more? Young blacks had smoked during the civil-rights movement of the early 1960s, and they passed the habit along to young white activists, and as the civil-rights movement gave way to the anti-war movement, marijuana-smoking began to spread rapidly. Pot was not easy to come by at first, unless you grew your own, but the law of supply and demand operates in a counterculture as elsewhere, and soon informal distribution networks spread across the country and into other countries.

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